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Specialist Channels: Farm Shop and Deli Wholesalers

Pattesson's Chutneys - Ideal for Farm Shops and Garden Centres


Got a quality product that is ideal for discerning consumers?

Many Farm Shop and Deli businesses would be great shop fronts for quality products but selling in to them and supplying them economically is a challenge.

The Cognosco Specialist Channels service focusses on identifying and engaging with the most appropriate specialist wholesalers for your products. By working through the wholesalers, customers can be recruited and supply arranged.

The specialist wholesalers like to have innovative and unique products in their brochures and they don't like to have exactly the same brand and pack size as the multiple grocery retailers.

Under the guidance of our specialist Account Manager, Mark Speller, the Cognosco Specialist Channels service can help steer you through this fragmented market.

For more information, contact Andrew Coulson on 01428 654741.