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Routes to Market / Distributors

Selecting the best wholesalers / distribution methods for your business model
Capitalise upon new trade opportunities
Minimise extra physical distribution points for your business whilst maximising sales
Make the best returns from investment in getting products and services to market

Options for distributing

Cognosco Marketing can either help develop new business within existing distribution routes or find new distributors or wholesalers to provide that vital link between brand owner and the trade.

Knowledge and contacts

Because this is what Cognosco Marketing does, day in day out, we have recent experience of contacts that can help clients deliver to their chosen trade channels. These may be general or specialist distributors (e.g. ambient, non-food, frozen, van sales etc) depending upon the product and the trade channel.

Supporting your distributors

Most distributors have thousands of products that they supply efficiently on demand to your trade customers. By helping expand the demand for your products, you can support your distributors and make long-lasting increases to business.

Find out more

How you get a product to new prospects in any trade channel is often key to success and profitability. Understanding your business resources and constraints is a prerequisite for any Cognosco project undertaken for you. To find out more, contact Andrew Coulson or Dan Shaw by phone or email to and arrange a meeting.