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Practical Consultancy - Reports or Mentoring

Identify new opportunities for your business
Understand how to reach the target market - sales and distribution routes
Establish the size of the prize and time to market
Specific named prospects included where appropriate
Insight delivered as a report, plan or via a mentoring programme

Contact Strategies

Understanding the way that different trade channels are structured and the way that businesses are organised within the channels is key to developing new business. We segment the market into channels relevant to each client. Ensuring that the effort applied to each area of a channel is proportionate to the priority requires that a balanced contact strategy is developed. We do this frequently and apply our experience to fit the needs of clients businesses.

Size of Prize

We help estimate the likely potential business within various trade channels by combining experience of previous recent projects and knowledge of the opportunities available. This can be combined with 'hands on' research to demonstrate both size of prize and actual availability in practice within real time and actual resources.

Choice of insight delivery style - Report or Mentoring

Larger businesses frequently need an entire market report delivered as one comprehensive document. Smaller businesses sometimes find that its the implementation of data and insight that is the greater problem. for these we offer the market insight filtered over a six month mentoring programme. In both instances, we get down to actionable detail such as named contacts at key target prospects.

Find out more

We often target our new clients by identifying new business opportunities and selecting the companies best placed to take advantage of them. We are also happy to meet potential clients and, in confidence, discuss what your trade opportunities may be. In the first instance, please contact Andrew Coulson or email