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Cognosco - Outsourced Sales Managers

Work with Cognosco to exploit new trade opportunities without expanding head count
We introduce your products to agreed prospects and account manage growth on your behalf
You gain distribution in retailers, wholesalers and end users quickly by joining with Cognosco partners
You take orders, deliver and invoice


Cognosco helps develop new business within existing distribution routes or introduces new wholesalers to provide that vital link between brand owner and the trade.


Cognosco specialises in key wholesalers and end users within UK food & drink impulse and foodservice outlets


Serious applicants only! Most of our outsourced work is in Foodservice, Grocery and Impulse. Once established in Foodservice particularly, products tend to have long and loyal listings requiring low sales maintenance and usually through distributors that buy from you in bulk. However if a manufacturer, brand owner or importer wants to build a foodservice or grocery business, it takes time to gain recognition, for the trade to understand how products could fit in their business and to finally agree to trade. The first step is still to make sure that they like the sales person! The sales curve can often be on zero for 5 or 6 months before the pipeline kicks in. If you're still interested, talk to us on 01428 654741 / about how it might work with specific products or services.