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Business Development Programme

All the research, mailing and phoning required prior to a new business meeting
Your sales team take over prospects from the first meeting
Ideal for busy sales teams that have high existing workloads but still need new business
Hands on research - meet the prospects and present your product or service - for real

Prospecting ability

Many businesses in food & drink channels look for development of long term relationships and the benefit of organically growing repeat business. This usually means that an existing sales team is not only focussed on existing customers and has little time for acquiring new business. However, when a contact strategy and plan is created and the existing sales team do get in front of clients, they are often the best people to develop the business - Cognosco gives hands on help with this process right up to the point of creation of the sales presentation tailored to the prospects interests.

Contacts within the market place

When an individual business sets out to prospect within a new channel, they can usually identify names of potential prospects by recourse to directories or lists and working their way up the learning curve. Because of the work we do, we will probably have had recent experience of actual contacts within the most exciting prospects in the trade channel. We share this knowledge of who the contacts and businesses are with our clients.

Research for actionable information

Data alone is of little use. We provide research that enables our clients to get in front of new business prospects.

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If you would like to get in front of more prospects in order to grow your business through your existing sales team, please get in touch by phone or by email