Don't let Coronavirus get you down! | Cognosco
Thu, 04/16/2020
April 2020 - Approaching the UK 'peak'.A quick update about how we are handling business at the moment and the general measures we are taking...
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Don't let Coronavirus get you down!

April 2020 - Approaching the UK 'peak'.

A quick update about how we are handling business at the moment and the general measures we are taking.

Firstly, as usual,  we will continue to make the most of available opportunities whilst ensuring that within the bounds of possibility, that we keep customers, employees and clients as safe as possible.

Secondly, we accept that this will undoubtedly mean changes in what we do and how we do it.

Thirdly, we realise that this virus is likely to have its major effect over a period of weeks and months and is not the end of the world for ever. We will come through it. We work months in advance on listings so are already planning for a post virus business environment. Even if it’s 3-4 months, that still allows the bulk of the summer holidays to reinvigorate the foodservice sector so we need to be ready! In the meantime, we can adapt and change emphasis to channels that are still open.

In the meantime, we accept that keeping people safe is about keeping others safe and by behaving responsibly ourselves. We will follow UK government guidelines about the way we limit contact with others and particular with those more vulnerable than us, in order to reduce the speed of spread of the virus. Principally, this means self isolation in case of symptoms, even more enhanced focus on handwashing in office,  work, and at home as well as with customers, and limiting contact with others.

Cognosco staff are all able to work and communicate from home by use of phone, FaceTime and Microsoft Teams as well as email, WhatsApp, Whypay Conference Calls, texts and post. Reporting is via Zoho CRM. 

The business development job is much more than face to face selling and travelling with 80% of time spent planning, on the phone, emailing and reporting. Time saved by limiting sales meetings is basically limited to a proportion of travelling time. This gives opportunities for more time to be spent on calling, planning and reporting.

The foodservice sector is likely to be hit in some channels over the next few months whilst there may be more opportunities in grocery and local shop retail channels if consumers are staying closer to home and avoiding crowds. This means that channels such as grocers, convenience stores, forecourts, speciality shops such as traditional butchers and delis may do relatively well. We are adapted the priorities of these channels for each client and have specific tailored plans.

So, as ever, it’s a case of planning and implementing, reporting, reviewing and planning again. Not so different after all!

Keep safe!