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Cognosco launch Mentoring service

Concious that many food businesses need better information about foodservice prospects, Cognosco Marketing have launched a mentoring service: The mentoring service is typically but not exclusively used by smaller businesses that want to develop their own expertise within foodservice channels.

An initial six month programme at an affordable monthly rate delivers

  • product and packaging advice
  • matches products to consumers
  • prioritises prospective customers which sell to those consumers
  • named prospective customers and best initial contacts
  • identifies distributors and contacts
  • helps develop the 'sales approach' and plan for foodservice sales meetings
  • gives feedback based on experience

Andrew Coulson, director at Cognosco Marketing said "Many smaller businesses need to have direct interaction with prospects and customers prior to taking on a sales team. But the ever changing world of foodservice has hundreds more contacts than in retail and navigating and prioritising is best done with a helping hand." 

For more details, email Andrew via