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Market Experience

Cognosco's directors and personnel have been working across food & drink channels for over 30 years. In order to build on previous experience, contact details and communications are combined so that they are not kept or lost inside an individual's head. Being able to compare and contrast the opportunities available for client brands and services based on prior knowledge helps speed and accuracy of your decision making.

Contact Strategies

Understanding the way that different trade channels are structured and the way that businesses are organised within those channels, is key to developing new business. Cognosco segments the market into channels relevant to each client. Ensuring that the effort applied to each area of a channel is proportionate to the priority, requires that a balanced contact strategy is developed. Cognosco does this frequently and applies experience to fit the needs of client businesses.

Size of Prize

Cognosco will help estimate the likely potential business within various trade channels by combining experience of previous recent projects and knowledge of the opportunities available. This can be combined with 'hands on' research to demonstrate both size of prize and actual availability in practice, within real time and actual resources.

Find out more

Cognosco often targets new clients by identifying new business opportunities and selecting the companies best placed to take advantage of them. The Cognosco directors are also happy to meet potential clients and, in confidence, discuss what your trade opportunities may be. In the first instance, please contact Andrew Coulson or email