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Thu, 04/16/2020
April 2020 - Approaching the UK 'peak'.A quick update about how we are handling business at the moment and the general measures we are taking...
Fri, 08/02/2019
In the UK, Foodservice is following the trend towards having vegan sections on menu but how can you make this commercially exciting too?...
Mon, 06/11/2018
Cognosco's Janet Peters has worked with the development team at Stonegate to create a dessert that uses Lee's Macaringues. Macaringues are...

Accelerate your New business programme with the help of Food and Drink Market Specialists

Shaking hands on another dealIf you are a foodservice operator or wholesaler, we seek to serve you by only presenting relevant products when the time is right.

If you are a manufacturer or brand owner, we cover most channels that sell Food or Drink. So if you would like to see your brand in trade channels from contract caterers, travel, hotels, restaurants and pubs to grocers, convenience stores, filling stations and off licences, give us a call to arrange a no obligation introductory meeting and we'll tell you how we do it (although we normally get a coffee too).

Cognosco Marketing is owned and run by individuals with broad experience of working in many food & drink channels. We know what it is like to try and develop new business because that's what we do! So by working for you as your market advisors, as an outsourced national accounts team or just working closely with your existing team to get them meetings with accounts which they don't have time to find or chase, we accelerate your new business building programme.

We have a Research and Experience facility which means that we can research, develop sales strategies and plan down to the level of detail which says the contact names and businesses that will turn the strategy into profitable turnover. And, if that's not enough, we can recommend the appropriate IT strategy to handling leads, generating sales materials and facilitating internal communication and reports.

But that's not all....... We provide experienced National Account Managers to drive distribution and grow sales in UK Food & Drink trade channels. But if you simply want to get your own existing sales team in front of new national or regional account prospects, we can do this too!